10,000 Lakes Regional

NoMythic started April on a high note, when we went to our final Regional Robotics Competition of the year, the 10,000 Lakes competition in Minneapolis. This competition was an emotional rollercoaster for us as a team, and was filled with learning experiences and celebration. We started the playoffs by being chosen by 2502 Talon Robotics as the first pick in the second alliance and was later joined by 3100 Lighting Turtles. Our amazing drive team did a fantastic job maneuvering our robot, Eurydice, across the field!

The spirit and energy on our home turf was amazing and the air was filled with “24” “91” cheers. A whole season of engineering and innovation ended with us winning the Industrial Design Award, which recognizes our team’s professional design process! Our robot performed very well in the playoffs tough due to a few snafus, our alliance ended the competition in seventh place. Although we didn’t qualify for the World Championship, we still came out of the weekend excited for our next competition, the Minnesota State Championship. Right as we were ready to leave the arena, our team captain Liam was honored with the Dean’s List Finalist Award. We are so proud of him and glad he got the recognition he deserves!


February has been filled with fantastic experiences and significant achievements for NoMythic. We kicked off the month with two different team bonding events: our board game night, where we also beaded bracelets for the FRC-SWIFT initiative, and our movie night right after practice, where we got snacks and got cozy watching a movie together. However, we not only focused on community building within our own team, we also hosted our annual bumper workshop for other robotics teams in the Twin City area. This event allows us to expand our horizons and strengthen our connections, while helping other teams with an essential part of their robots.

In addition to our community and team building events, we focused on getting ready for The Northern Light Regional competition! We finished our sponsor panel for both the robot and our team shirts, ensuring that we can show off our incredible sponsors at the competition. We also went to a practice competition called Week 0 held by KnightKrawler. It was a lot of fun, and the drive team had the opportunity to test our robots, Eurydice and Orphues.

Northern Lights Regional

This month, NoMythic went to our first regional competition, Northern Lights Regional, in Duluth! Our fantastic drive team did an absolutely amazing job driving our robot, Eurydice, and our pit team was inspirational in their work getting our robot ready for each match. Eurydice were positively whimsical when shooting notes into the speaker, and we had a climbing time of less than 10 seconds. We ended up on the second alliance in the playoffs with our friends from Ultraviolet and Otternots. But it didn’t stop there; we not only became the captain of the second alliance but also won second place!

The energy from our team and all of the other teams at this competition was fantastic and we had an amazing time. This energy also led to us winning the Team Spirit Award second year in a row, reflecting our team culture, passion and our cheerful contributions in the stands. All in all, we had the most amazing time, where we as a team showed what we are capable of not only as a team but as a community. 

And we are already preparing and looking forward to our next competition in Minneapolis!


January has been filled with progress within NoMythic, from the kickoff of the new season to building our robot. January started with the season kickoff event! Our entire team started the month with gathering together to learn about the new game and its new challenges, including mapping out game strategies for our game plan, discussing scouting ideas for the competition, and field geometry to calculate measurements and ankles. These efforts have resulted in the programming subteam being able to focus on creating a robot that not only aims precisely at the speaker but also being able to climb the chain so we can get ready for one of our highlights coming up in February: the competition in Duluth “Northern Lights Regionals”. 

In addition to the building of the robot, our operations subteam has been working on reaching out to sponsors. Writing sponsor emails and having sponsor meetings with our fantastic sponsors. We are as always grateful for the sponsors that believe in us and support us. We also had a board game and bracelet beading night to build on our community and collaboration between our team members. These events not only create a sense of belonging to the team, but also diversifies the STEM and robotics field. January has truly been an exciting month with each member contributing to the  progress on our team. With Duluth coming up at the end of February and a lot of preparation in January , we’re ready for a new exciting  robotics season!


Hello everyone!

This December, NoMythic went to a local practice competition called MINNE trails! We came in second place with our lovely alliance, and we overall had a fantastic time. MINNE trails were great practice for the upcoming season, and our new students got a good glimpse into what our competitions will be like.

We are also participating in the SWIFT-FRC initiative this year. Teams involved will be making and passing out bead bracelets at competitions as a reference to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. The goal of this initiative is to grow the community and promote inclusion in FIRST.