2023 World Championship – Houston

Updated 4/8/2023

Every year, FRC’s season culminates in a World Championship. Teams must win a spot at this event by being a winner of the event or winning certain awards. Our team has done that – we won the Impact Award! That’s a huge deal in the FIRST world. And this trip is an amazing opportunity for each team member, even though it’s both time consuming and expensive.

Event Details Online

Travel and Overall Schedule

It’s a very long way to Houston. Flying wasn’t an option this year, so we’re getting a bus. It’s a deluxe coach bus, and it will drive through, stopping just for meals and stretch breaks.

Tuesday: Bus loads at 9 am at GRS (on Energy Park Lane, south side of the school) on Tuesday, April 18th. The bus will leave around 9:30 am. They will arrive in Houston on Wednesday in time for pit load-in at noon.

Saturday/Sunday: The team will board the bus for the return trip at around 6 pm on Saturday, returning to Minnesota late afternoon Sunday. Students will text from the bus the exact arrival time back at GRS when they have a good ETA.

Lodging & Food

This year, the team will be staying in airbnbs instead of hotels. Most of the team will be staying in one “compound”, a group of 8 studio, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. Eight people will be staying nearby in a second airbnb. The coach bus will move the team back and forth some times. Other times, team members will take the metro train 3 stops to the convention center and back.

The team will self-cater most meals. Breakfasts will be very early in the airbnb. Students  will pack their own lunches for the days at the convention center (where purchased food is expensive and slow to get). Dinners will be back at the compound.

Meals en-route will be a combination of fast-food, packed food, and snacks.


This trip is really expensive! The bus alone costs $17,500. We’re anticipating that the real cost per student is well over $1,000, perhaps as much as $1,500.

Family Fees: We are asking families to contribute a recommended $500 per student for the trip. As always, that is on a sliding scale, so pay what you are able. Some team fee or a plan for a fee is due before the team leaves! As always, checks get made out to GRS-Foundation and handed to Toby, Michael or Kelli. Payments can also be made to the team Paypal.

Friends and Extended Family: The team has a big World Champs GoFundMe available for any of your friends and extended family would might be willing and interested to help the team have this amazing experience. While we are exploring every other option, this is the biggest way to make up the difference in cost between parent fees and the real cost. So please share the link!

Grade Check

With the short time line and the importance of this trip to the students, we are asking students to work with their teachers and advisors to make this trip happen. Students must start that process of making an academic plan with their teachers/advisors very soon, and take it very seriously.

Packing List (5 days):

Clothes (laundry is available in each airbnb)

  • Every purple tie-dye NoMythic t-shirt you have (up to 6) (label with your name)
  • Purple tie-dye sweatshirt or another layer (Texas is hot but air conditioning is cold!)
  • 3 pairs of pants
  • 5 pairs socks
  • 5 pairs underwear
  • Sleepwear
  • Shoes (wear a pair, bring a spare)
  • Rain coat or umbrella (rain is predicted)


  • Deodorant – stick, not spray, please!
  • Toothbrush/paste – please!
  • Medications
  • Shower supplies
  • Other toiletries, as desired


  • Water bottle!
  • Pillow/travel pillow/blanket to make the bus trip more comfortable
  • If hair has been recently dyed
    • Pillow case
    • Towel
  • Cash – Small amount of cash for snacks, t-shirts, etc.
  • Snacks – there will be some group snacks, but students may prefer to bring their own (way cheaper than the concession stand)
  • Phone + charger (and battery bank if you have one!)
  • Electronics – students may wish to use these on the bus. Bring these at your own risk
  • Umbrella/hat/rain coat

***No late night anything allowed – there will be a lights-out time – we need our sleep!


Forms turned in for Duluth will be used again for this trip. If relevant information has changed since then, please turn that form in during bus load in along with any medications to be turned in.

Parents at the Event

The team is traveling with 10 mentors plus 2 parent mentors. Every year, a few parents also want to come. Sure! Do talk to your student to be sure they want you there, but it’s a really neat event. We could also use some help, especially with meals for the team. So if you decide to go, please let us know.


Email the team, 2491nomythic@gmail.com