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Hello everyone!

This December, NoMythic went to a local practice competition called MINNE trails! We came in second place with our lovely alliance, and we overall had a fantastic time. MINNE trails were great practice for the upcoming season, and our new students got a good glimpse into what our competitions will be like.

We are also participating in the SWIFT-FRC initiative this year. Teams involved will be making and passing out bead bracelets at competitions as a reference to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. The goal of this initiative is to grow the community and promote inclusion in FIRST.

Build season!

Hi, y’all!

We’re in the middle of build season, and we have a Duluth competition coming up pretty soon! Our team has been working a lot to make sure we get to our first official competition of the year and have a lot to get done.

Our operations team has been preparing for Duluth and inventorying everything to make sure we have fun while the building team has been designing and building the robot and the whole team has been participating in big group discussions about where we want the robot to go. The team decided to make both a shooter and climber so part of the build team has been making a climber while the other part makes a shooter.

In addition to our teams working harder we’ve also been meeting more often, with meets three times a week. We also work together during extra practices that are normally just for building or programming, those are usually much smaller and get one or two tasks done. We have held a total of two extra practices which were really useful because we can focus more on specific parts of the robot like the drivetrain.

With the recent rise of the Omicron COVID variant we have been more diligent than ever to make sure we can keep the team safe. Everyone is required to wear specifically KF-94 or KN-95 masks, and we also have optional weekly testing on Tuesdays so that the next Tuesday the team can show proof that no one tests positive, and the team can keep functioning as usual!