Northern Lights Regional

This month, NoMythic went to our first regional competition, Northern Lights Regional, in Duluth! Our fantastic drive team did an absolutely amazing job driving our robot, Eurydice, and our pit team was inspirational in their work getting our robot ready for each match. Eurydice were positively whimsical when shooting notes into the speaker, and we had a climbing time of less than 10 seconds. We ended up on the second alliance in the playoffs with our friends from Ultraviolet and Otternots. But it didn’t stop there; we not only became the captain of the second alliance but also won second place!

The energy from our team and all of the other teams at this competition was fantastic and we had an amazing time. This energy also led to us winning the Team Spirit Award second year in a row, reflecting our team culture, passion and our cheerful contributions in the stands. All in all, we had the most amazing time, where we as a team showed what we are capable of not only as a team but as a community. 

And we are already preparing and looking forward to our next competition in Minneapolis!