10,000 Lakes Regional

NoMythic started April on a high note, when we went to our final Regional Robotics Competition of the year, the 10,000 Lakes competition in Minneapolis. This competition was an emotional rollercoaster for us as a team, and was filled with learning experiences and celebration. We started the playoffs by being chosen by 2502 Talon Robotics as the first pick in the second alliance and was later joined by 3100 Lighting Turtles. Our amazing drive team did a fantastic job maneuvering our robot, Eurydice, across the field!

The spirit and energy on our home turf was amazing and the air was filled with “24” “91” cheers. A whole season of engineering and innovation ended with us winning the Industrial Design Award, which recognizes our team’s professional design process! Our robot performed very well in the playoffs tough due to a few snafus, our alliance ended the competition in seventh place. Although we didn’t qualify for the World Championship, we still came out of the weekend excited for our next competition, the Minnesota State Championship. Right as we were ready to leave the arena, our team captain Liam was honored with the Dean’s List Finalist Award. We are so proud of him and glad he got the recognition he deserves!