October 2022

Hello, all! 

The new robotics season has officially started! This October, we worked on building team spirit, training new students, and kick-off for this year’s T.E.S.T.! Build has been prototyping and putting their new ideas into CAD (Computer Aided Design). Programming has been training new students to work on code for swerve drive and creating a Wiki for reference. Operations has been working on our sponsor outreach and getting the team back into gear. 

The T.E.S.T., formally known as Turtle Trials, stands for Team Experience and Skills Training. T.E.S.T. is a game designed to train students new to FRC. More specifically, it focuses on training students on strategy over complicated robots. This year’s game is called ZONED OUT, which is a game of controlling territories by scoring rings and orbs onto wooden pillars. This game is meant to create more opportunities for more students.

Our team retreat was at the Bakken Museum on October 30th. The main point of this retreat was to bond as a team through a shared experience, in which we talked about past seasons, team values, goal setting, difficult conversations, and team building. We got to experience the entirety of what the museum has to offer and had a wonderful time overall.

On October 31st, NoMythic celebrated Halloween by going to the Allergy-safe Halloween event at the Mall of America. Some of our students worked with our friends from the Minutebots (team 4536) to help kids drive our robots! It was a super fun event, and we got the chance to spark interest in STEM in young kids.