2022 World Championships

Hello,  all!

Last week, NoMythic flew back to Minnesota after our trip to Houston where we joined 450 teams from around the world for the FIRST Robotics World Championships. We had a long week of competitions, museum visits, Texas heat, and pure robotics fun. Everyone on the team worked hard and had a blast. We are so glad we had the opportunity to attend.

This year, we broke new ground!  We did exceptionally well in our division and,for the first time in NoMythic’s history, we moved on to the quarterfinals!  Our design work was recognized with the Imagery Award –  another historical first for our team!

Everyone on NoMythic worked incredibly hard on this trip, and we’re so proud of each and every student and mentor who contributed their work and time at this event. Our drive team did an amazing job during matches and figuring out strategies for each match. Our scouting team spent long hours in the stands collecting data for our strategist and drive team to use. Our pit crew spent days working on and fixing the robot. The work put into this competition by each and every team member is phenomenal.

When our team wasn’t hard at work on robotics, we were having fun inside and outside the competition. We had the option to walk around the pits and stands talking to other teams and students at the competition. There were workshops offered by other teams on everything from Fundraising to Programming to Recruiting. Outside the convention center, we bonded as a team. We had a pizza party with two other Minnesota teams, and we played a team-wide game of ninja. On our last night in Houston, we had a bling fashion show and dance party. On Sunday, we visited the Houston Air and Space Museum, where we got to see cool rockets – including a FalconX and the Saturn V!

All in all, we had an incredible time in Houston at Champs. We had so much fun, learned so much, and grew as a team and as people. We’re knocking on wood that we have the chance to go again in 2023!

Team photo in front of the FIRST logo
Our pit setup