November 2022

Hello, all!

NoMythic has been prepping for the upcoming T.E.S.T! On November 12th, we had our team tie dye day. This is a day where we color our signature team tie dye. We dyed our team shirts, and some students brought in their own clothes such as overalls, coveralls, and sweaters. This is a great bonding experience and is a big part of what makes NoMythic unique!

Build is currently split between two teams, Torbs and Griffin, to create two separate robots. Torbs have their robot basically completed, they need to do some small adjustments. Griffin has their drivetrain done and is training people in CAD and machinery, like X-carve!

Programming has been tinkering with motors in order to teach new programmers how to make motors move! They’ve also been working on Java, the swerve robot, and programming the T.E.S.T robot! `

Operations searched for new sponsors, and contacted them along with our old ones! They also worked on the team handbook to make sure it is ready for the team to look at, so that everyone on NoMythic has a way of documenting our processes and traditions.