Blog – 2016

Minnesota Robotics Invitational (MRI) – October 15, 2015

The MRI event in Roseville was a perfect opportunity to introduce our new students to robotics competitions. We did great too! Our robot took 9th place and we were picked for the 4th alliance.

Drive team hard at work!
Drive team hard at work!

Scouting is also hard work.
Scouting is also hard work.

Robotics has launched! September 20, 2016

All seven teams are off the ground and running. At No Mythic this week, new and old members alike broke into groups to get an introduction to 9 different areas they might want to help with this year: Driving, Shop/fabrication, Image, CAD, Electronics/pneumatics, Accounting, Logistics, and Scouting. Next week, students will choose one area to focus on for a three-week project.

Driving the robot!
Driving the robot!


2016-17 Robotics!

Interested in joining one of our teams this year? Act now!

Lego League at GRS: Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30 pm. First meeting September 21st in the garage. 5-8th graders. $125/student. We hope to have three teams, IF we get two parents to volunteer with each team. Interested? Sign up here: Lego League Signup.

Lego League at Avalon: Wednesdays from 4-5:30 pm. First meeting September 7th in the shop. 6-8th graders. Build small robots this fall. Interested? Show up on the 7th.
FTC: Thursdays. Meets at Great River School. 8th and 9th graders. Build medium sized robots this fall. $150/student. Interested? Email .

FRC: Tuesdays from 4:30-8:30 pm at Great River School. 9-12th graders. Build a huge robot with a large team. $250/student. Meets once a week in the fall, three times a week in the spring. Interested? Come to the first meeting for new students is September 20th from 4:30-8:30 pm at Great River School.
Fees are on a sliding scale. The listed amount is a recommendation. Pay what makes sense for your family. Questions? Email

End of Year Banquet – April 14, 2016

No pictures (we were too busy enjoying each other), but a good time was had by all as we gathered with friends, family, and sponsors to celebrate another fantastic year of 2491 No Mythic.

Minneapolis North Star Competition – April 6-9, 2016

We won the Imagery Award!

During the second day of competition, the team had done well. We spent the day talking to other teams, getting pins, exploring the pits, and most importantly, the robot was able to not only breach defenses, but shoot both high AND low goals! But the real highlight of the day was toward the end. During that nights award ceremonies, the team was recognized for its team spirit, dapper purple clothes and accessories, as well as the pit design and how our robot looked. Here’s how the judges described the award:

“This team has no fear of being bold
Fortified within their strong hold.
They experimented through trial and error
While sporting manes of purple hair.
With idea and designs that were prolific,
So let’s hear it for No Mythic”

Introduction of the award: “The Imagery Award is in honor of Jack Kamen. This award celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration from the machine to the team appearance”.

We also just had a fabulous time. In the stands, our already sizable purple presence was swelled greatly by friends and relatives alike, who helped us cheer and shake our robot and drive team to success in match after match. Even when we lost the quarterfinals, our robot performed well! Getting the Imagery award just added icing to our tye-dye purple cake.

Pit crew moving our robot back to workP1100154  Announcer wearing our hat and waving the flagP1100093
 Drive team candid photo w/ Isaiah, Zack, Emilio, and GeorgeP1100094  Ethan feat. unicorn hatP1100035
 Nearest to farthest: Lydia, Olivia, LauraP1100122  Left to right: Emile, Gus, Max and EliP1100082


Preparing for Second Competition – March 20, 2016

The time between competitions is so important. We’ve fixed up Aries, rebuilt the intake mount, fixed the shooter, remounted the motors, and started driving practice. The pit design crew has gone to town with chloroplast and foam. Our programmers are the stars this month – They’re debugging code to create both autonomous and teleop code that will be flexible and powerful.

P1080215 DSC03588
 P1080157  P1080129
 P1080145  P1080131


First Competition – Duluth – March 2-5, 2016

Duluth was a blast. It’s our training ground – and boy did we learn a lot! Strategy, robot design, team branding, and scouting. We watched Mars go from a lump on the field to a defense-breaching robot. And we had fun. Next up – Minneapolis North Star Regional!

Eli showing our junkbot to the judges.
Eli showing off our junkbot to the judges.

A visitor in the stands
A visitor in the stands

Stands fun!
Stands fun!


Working on the robot
Working on the robot

Cleanup crew!
Cleanup crew!

Introducing Ares and Mars!

Our 2016 FIRST Stronghold robots: The Roman and Greek gods of warfare.

Mars: God of War
Mars (Competition robot)

Aries (Test robot)

FTC Team Won!

Our very own FTC team, 9459 “Mythic”, recently competed in one their competitions, and even won an award! The trophy (not shown in photos below) the recognized the team’s efforts in the engineering and structure of their robot.


 P1070256  P1070269

FIRST Stronghold – January 9, 2016

The new game is the most playful yet – but still quite complicated. The team is hard at work prototyping shooters, intake mechanisms, field elements, and the team standard. They built the first parts on the new mill, and are just finalizing the CAD designs of the chassis.

 P1070224  DSC05985
 P1070285  P1070320


FLL/FTC Celebration – January 8, 2015

Team NoMythic threw a party for our younger robotics teams on January 8th. We got to hear from each team, give well-deserved awards, and eat treats.

Avalon Mindgears Lego League

GRS Athena LegoLeague

FTC Team Mythic

GRS Brickheads Lego League