T.E.S.T. Competition

Hello, all!

NoMythic had the T.E.S.T. competition on Saturday at L H Tanglen Elementary School. Both Torbs and Griffins did terrifically! Torbs placed 7th and Griffins placed 10th overall. Torbs was even picked by the 1st Alliance Captain, allowing them to play in the double-elimination bracket for playoffs. 

Everyone was super busy: the builders had fun fixing all of the issues on the robot that arose throughout the day, the programmers were debugging the code, and everyone else was scouting, keeping score, and strategizing. As per the T.E.S.T.’s rules, the drive team changed every match so people had practice driving the huge robots. This will help us build the best drive team possible for the actual season. We also practiced strategy, coopertition, and gracious professionalism at the competition.