January has been filled with progress within NoMythic, from the kickoff of the new season to building our robot. January started with the season kickoff event! Our entire team started the month with gathering together to learn about the new game and its new challenges, including mapping out game strategies for our game plan, discussing scouting ideas for the competition, and field geometry to calculate measurements and ankles. These efforts have resulted in the programming subteam being able to focus on creating a robot that not only aims precisely at the speaker but also being able to climb the chain so we can get ready for one of our highlights coming up in February: the competition in Duluth “Northern Lights Regionals”. 

In addition to the building of the robot, our operations subteam has been working on reaching out to sponsors. Writing sponsor emails and having sponsor meetings with our fantastic sponsors. We are as always grateful for the sponsors that believe in us and support us. We also had a board game and bracelet beading night to build on our community and collaboration between our team members. These events not only create a sense of belonging to the team, but also diversifies the STEM and robotics field. January has truly been an exciting month with each member contributing to the  progress on our team. With Duluth coming up at the end of February and a lot of preparation in January , we’re ready for a new exciting  robotics season!