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Moving to Avalon!

Our old practice space at Great River recently went under construction, so we moved to a new space in Avalon so we could work in a less busy and more appropriate space. This move has been a simple and seamless transition, and we are excited to see how our team progresses in this space.

Minne Mini Reigonal

The Minne Mini Regional this weekend was really fun. At one point, we were rammed and a part of our robot was bent and broken, but we kept playing! We also made it all the way through finals and won first place with help our great alliance of 2169 King TeC and 2052 The Knightcrawlers!



Robots Instead of Candy

Team members from FTC Mythic and FRC NoMythic went to the Mall of America for Halloween. They gave costumed children a chance to drive robots, as part of the Allergy-Free Zone put on by the Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Association of MN. As always, our students loved the kids, and the kids had a blast!