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March 2021

Happy spring! The days are getting warmer, and the team is getting more and more excited for the competitions. Much work is already being put into our efforts to wow the judges, including NoMythic’s first 2021 FIRST submission! Many different members of our team came together to provide photos and a description of the robot, as well as a video of our robot doing an autonomous routine. (30-second autonomous) We used our robot from last year, Clank, for this submission, because we weren’t done building the new robot, but we have been hard at work on it, and are excited to show it off to the team and to the world. Build team has finished assembling the robot and handed it off to the programming team. We will soon be practicing driving the robot and gearing up for filming our robot challenges!

February 2021

It’s February, and along with the days getting colder, the GRS Idea Lab is getting busier, as we’re happy to say that we’re meeting in person again! We’re building a robot. The CAD designs we started last summer are finished, and we have sent some of those parts to our sponsor, Quality Tool, to get them fully made! In addition, we’ve been machining some of the parts ourselves.
While our build team is busy making the robot, our amazing programming team is busy programming it. We are especially proud of our newest programming recruits, as they have started the process of coding their very first robot. We are getting ready to send out electronics boards to them to practice on.
The lovely operations team is hard at work making future plans for build season and beyond. We have applied for a diversity grant so that we can have workshops to make this team a more diverse and inclusive space.
Finally, the team has started meeting as a whole on the first friday of every month to keep us all informed and cohesive.

January 2021- build season kickoff

Well, build season has officially started, and it started with a bang! Yesterday (January ninth,) we had an all-team meeting to kickoff the build season and the game for 2021.
We started off with introductions, then played a Kahoot to test our knowledge of the game. After that, we watched the official live kickoff video from FIRST that went over the challenges for this year. There are still a lot of unknowns, with the ongoing pandemic, but we at NoMythic are ready for whatever comes our way in 2021.
After a lunch break where we each looked over the game manual and at-home-guide, we reconvened to go over any questions we had about the rules for the game. After that, we discussed whether we wanted to focus on a robot designed more for the at-home challenges or the competition. We eventually came to the conclusion that we wanted to focus on the smaller things designed for the at-home challenges. We then broke into breakout rooms to discuss what we wanted the robot to be like, and to ensure we knew about each challenge. Finally, we came back together for the last ten minutes of the meeting to recap and set our work to do before the next team meeting.
We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us in 2021, but we at 2491 NoMythic are looking forward to the hardest fun ever.

Fall 2020

Hello all! It’s been a while. 

    As you know, it’s been quite a hectic year. Both Avalon and GRS are meeting virtually, although Great River allows some students to learn somewhat in-person, socially distanced. Of course, this also means that the robotics team is meeting virtually. Until recently, build team had been doing some meetings in-person to work on the robot, but we decided last week that the COVID numbers were getting too high, so build transitioned to virtual meetings. 

    Despite the pandemic, NoMythic has still been recruiting new team members. We had a virtual open house in early October, and after the recruitment process, our team has 20 students, 11 of whom are new. We are enjoying working with these new recruits and welcoming them onto the team.

    The programming team has also been doing some notable work since quarantine began. Recently, they have been teaching new members the basics of a programming language called python. Each team member has received a lego based robot, called a SPIKE Prime, and they are using their python-programming skills to program it to move. 

Picture of a lego robot
SPIKE Prime robot

    As for operations, we have been hard at work on many projects, but have mainly been adapting our sponsor presentation so that we can present it virtually during the pandemic, and have been giving it to companies looking to sponsor NoMythic. Additionally, we worked hard on the recruitment process earlier this fall.

    The captain’s team has been meeting weekly to make decisions, plan meetings, work out schedules, and keep the team on track. The captain’s team is made up of students and mentors, and the students were selected for their positions this spring. In addition to logistical work, the captain’s team has been improving our leadership skills by reading books and discussing them together. So far, they’ve read Joy Inc. by Richard Sheridan and Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen. 

Picture of two stacked books
Our book selection for the captain’s team

    Recently, NoMythic had a virtual team retreat, where we got to know each other, played games, and made goals for this year.

Picture of people in a zoom meeting
Us at our team retreat

A few weeks ago, we registered with FIRST, and we are looking forward to our upcoming season!