February 2021

It’s February, and along with the days getting colder, the GRS Idea Lab is getting busier, as we’re happy to say that we’re meeting in person again! We’re building a robot. The CAD designs we started last summer are finished, and we have sent some of those parts to our sponsor, Quality Tool, to get them fully made! In addition, we’ve been machining some of the parts ourselves.
While our build team is busy making the robot, our amazing programming team is busy programming it. We are especially proud of our newest programming recruits, as they have started the process of coding their very first robot. We are getting ready to send out electronics boards to them to practice on.
The lovely operations team is hard at work making future plans for build season and beyond. We have applied for a diversity grant so that we can have workshops to make this team a more diverse and inclusive space.
Finally, the team has started meeting as a whole on the first friday of every month to keep us all informed and cohesive.