January 2021- build season kickoff

Well, build season has officially started, and it started with a bang! Yesterday (January ninth,) we had an all-team meeting to kickoff the build season and the game for 2021.
We started off with introductions, then played a Kahoot to test our knowledge of the game. After that, we watched the official live kickoff video from FIRST that went over the challenges for this year. There are still a lot of unknowns, with the ongoing pandemic, but we at NoMythic are ready for whatever comes our way in 2021.
After a lunch break where we each looked over the game manual and at-home-guide, we reconvened to go over any questions we had about the rules for the game. After that, we discussed whether we wanted to focus on a robot designed more for the at-home challenges or the competition. We eventually came to the conclusion that we wanted to focus on the smaller things designed for the at-home challenges. We then broke into breakout rooms to discuss what we wanted the robot to be like, and to ensure we knew about each challenge. Finally, we came back together for the last ten minutes of the meeting to recap and set our work to do before the next team meeting.
We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us in 2021, but we at 2491 NoMythic are looking forward to the hardest fun ever.