Duluth 2023

Hello all!

Last week, we went to the Northern Lights Competition in Duluth! It went quite well overall, and we certainly have a lot to report.

We left on Wednesday, bussing up to Duluth along with the Robettes. We had a wonderful meal provided by Nelson’s Cheese and Deli, one of our sponsors (thank you so much!) The next day, we mainly had practice matches. Our drive team performed amazingly, and our pit people never stopped diligently working on our robot, which we have named Moira. Our pit-scouts learned a lot about other teams, and our match scouts, who partnered with teams Ultraviolet and MPArors to gather scouting data, watched and learned from matches. Lastly, our media people captured some wonderful photos of the team and our robot, and our strategy team worked with our drive team and others to figure out our plans for matches.

On Friday, qualification matches started. Throughout the whole day, it showed that we certainly had one of the more unique robots on the field. We were very fast and maneuverable, decent at defense, and could very efficiently fill out hybrid nodes. In fact, we had the lightest and fastest robot at the tournament. Our whole team is certainly proud of Moira and its unique abilities. We managed to perform quite well, and at the end of the day, we were delighted when one of our mentors, Chris Ward, won the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award! We are so proud of him and so thankful for everything he has done for our team. 

On Saturday, after a few more hours of qualification matches, it was time for playoffs. While we did not make alliance captain, we did get selected by another team for playoffs, which we were all very excited about. Our alliance managed to win fifth place, a result we are all very happy with. We also won the Team Spirit award, reflecting our passion for our team and our lively attitude in the stands.

All in all, it was a very fun trip and a very fun competition. Our next steps are to discuss what we learned from it, and get ready for our next competition at 10,000 Lakes later this month. With only a few weeks to go, our team will be working harder than ever to make the best robot and the best team we can.


Hello everyone!

This January started off with kickoff and the beginning of our build season, which has been going strong since. Our build subteam has been working on prototyping various potential designs, CAD, and making important strategic decisions about our robot. Our programming subteam has been automating swerve, positioning via April tags, pneumatics, and a programming wiki. Our operations team has been planning events, deciding on our swag for this season, making an avatar for competitions, and meeting with sponsors both online and in-person. We have a goal of finishing up all of the physical parts of the robot by February 11th, our unofficial team bag day, and have made ourselves busy to achieve that goal! 


Happy new year! This Saturday and Sunday, our team had our annual kick-off. We learned the new game for this year! 

We started off the weekend by watching the FIRST Game Reveal Video, then went over the rule book for this season. After learning the rules and reading the rule book, we learned more about the game and strategized by talking about a  scouting form, field geometry, and playing our Robot Paper Game. We then came back together as a team to decide our strategy for this year. We also had fun throughout kickoff by watching the robot reveal video eating lunch together provided by our amazing sponsor The Naughty Greek restaurant, and overall bonding as a team. 

We would also like to thank Naughty Greek for lunch on Saturday, the food was very good and we all enjoyed it.

The Naughty Greek lunch was very good!

T.E.S.T. Competition

Hello, all!

NoMythic had the T.E.S.T. competition on Saturday at L H Tanglen Elementary School. Both Torbs and Griffins did terrifically! Torbs placed 7th and Griffins placed 10th overall. Torbs was even picked by the 1st Alliance Captain, allowing them to play in the double-elimination bracket for playoffs. 

Everyone was super busy: the builders had fun fixing all of the issues on the robot that arose throughout the day, the programmers were debugging the code, and everyone else was scouting, keeping score, and strategizing. As per the T.E.S.T.’s rules, the drive team changed every match so people had practice driving the huge robots. This will help us build the best drive team possible for the actual season. We also practiced strategy, coopertition, and gracious professionalism at the competition. 

November 2022

Hello, all!

NoMythic has been prepping for the upcoming T.E.S.T! On November 12th, we had our team tie dye day. This is a day where we color our signature team tie dye. We dyed our team shirts, and some students brought in their own clothes such as overalls, coveralls, and sweaters. This is a great bonding experience and is a big part of what makes NoMythic unique!

Build is currently split between two teams, Torbs and Griffin, to create two separate robots. Torbs have their robot basically completed, they need to do some small adjustments. Griffin has their drivetrain done and is training people in CAD and machinery, like X-carve!

Programming has been tinkering with motors in order to teach new programmers how to make motors move! They’ve also been working on Java, the swerve robot, and programming the T.E.S.T robot! `

Operations searched for new sponsors, and contacted them along with our old ones! They also worked on the team handbook to make sure it is ready for the team to look at, so that everyone on NoMythic has a way of documenting our processes and traditions.