Hello All!

This past November has been filled with experiences and achievements for NoMythic. We started the month with a visit to the Science Museum, where our team had an incredible opportunity to introduce the world of STEM to kids. Seeing the joy and excitement for robotics was a reminder of how we as a robotics team can impact our community.

Furthermore, we both had our annual Tie-Dye, where we had the chance to dye our colorful purple team shirts unique to our team, and attended a FRC Beading Party arranged by our fantastic friends at 2450 WindChill. At the Beading party we joined other wonderful teams listening to Taylor Swift and beading bracelets, while building a strong and lasting community across the robotics community teams.

Last but not least we got ready for and attended the Minne-Trials, and ended in second place! Minne Trials was magical. We put our team spirit on display– cheers from our team filled the room, pushing us to overcome struggles. When we had technical issues with our autonomous in the robot, we worked together as a team and fixed the problem. Minne-trials also gave the opportunity for new students to try driving the robot, and to be a part of the competition team.

November has been truly magical and we look forward to many more months to come!