Annual Team Retreat

The annual team retreat will take place September 27-29, at a cabin on West Pipe Lake in Wisconsin (see directions below). The entire team is invited to attend. The retreat is an opportunity for the new team to get to know each other and bond, and to set the goals and direction for the year ahead.

Date and Time

The team will leave after school on Friday, September 27th. We will return before dinnertime on Sunday. Some cars will leave form GRS, some from Avalon, and some from both.
SignUp for a Retreat Ride: Carefully select the best departure location for you.
Parent Needed to Drive. We really need one parent to drive each way (and stay in the middle if they’d like. They should contact Toby ( if willing.


The cabin is located on West Pipe Lake, Johnstown, WI . The cabin belongs to the grandparents of a team alumni, who continue to support the team by letting us use the cabin each year.

Permission Slip

A Travel/Medical Permission slip must be on file for each student participating in the retreat. No student may come without this on file.


There are 5 double beds, 2 single beds, 2 couches and a bunk bed in the house. There is plenty of space outside for tents. Students may wish to bring a sleeping bag/pad and/or tent in order to have their own sleeping space, though many can sleep in these beds.


Team members will be taking turns cooking and cleaning up. Menus have yet to be finalized. Students with any special food needs should have indicated that on their application or should let Toby know ASAP.

Packing List

Students should pack two changes of clothes, some layers of outerwear to accommodate changing weather conditions, a swim suit, towel, toiletries, and any desired bedding/tents. Luggage space in cars will be limited. Cell phones are allowed but reception is often poor.

Updated 9/21/2019