Turkish Off-Season Regional – Fall 2019

Updated 5/29/2019

Nevermind – there will be no Turkish Off-season regional this year. Too bad.

The team is considering taking an optional trip to the Istanbul Off-Season Regional this fall. This event is a full-length but non-official regional event, held in Istanbul each fall. The event allows teams in Turkey to participate in FRC even if they cannot afford to attend an official event. It’s an ideal opportunity for our students to get to experience another country while doing something familiar.

2018 Turkish Off-Season Regional
Information about last year’s event. Dates for this year will likely be determined over the summer.


  • The trip is optional.
  • Student/mentors would need to cover the cost of their trip, expected to be between $1,500 and $2,000.
    • Students finding new sponsors for the team would receive personal credit for 1/2 the amount of the sponsorship (since maintaining sponsors is a team activity).
    • Students might be able to organize and provide extra sessions of lego/FTC/3D printing summer camps to raise money.
  • A few specific student roles would need to be filled (driver, co-driver, pit master) before the trip would be a go.
  • Students and mentors would likely miss at least a week of work/school.
  • The group would take the practice robot as checked luggage.
  • Participants would be encouraged to learn some Turkish before the trip.

Please let Toby know if you (student or mentor or parent) are interested in going on this trip.