Updated 10/11/2018

Sign Ups For The Team

Once you decide you want to join the team, you’ll need to sign up for our mailing list, sign up with FIRST, pay the fee, and sign up to provide team meals.

  • Mailing List 2018-19 Sign Up
    Each student, parent(s) and mentor must sign up so you receive important updates about team business. Don’t forget to check your email to read these important emails!
  • FIRST Youth Team Member System
    Each student must be re-enrolled with FIRST. Each student has received an invitation. Both parent and student must login.  Watch for the tricky Consent and Release form.


  • NoMythic Meals
    Everything you need to know about meals, starting with the signup, but also special food needs, planning meals, and more.


The recommend team fee is $250. Some families pay more than that, to cover students who can’t pay that much. Some shouldn’t and don’t pay the full fee. Every family is expected to pay a fee of some size.

Make checks payable to Great River School and hand to Toby. Square and Paypal are also available.


Miss the parent meeting? Here’s the handout. Questions? Email


Students or mentors who wish to order items for the team should fill out this form. Follow the progress of your item on the spreadsheet.


An additional fee of $200 is also requested when the team travels in the spring. We always travel to one Regional Competition – either in Duluth or Grand Forks. Some years, we have qualified to go to World Championships, which is in Detroit this year. This fee is also on a sliding scale.

  • Travel/Medical Permission Slip 
    Parents will be asked to fill out this permission slip before we travel. You are welcome to fill it out now so we have health/medical information about your child.

Team Expectations

  1. Come to robotics to do robotics
    Come with a willingness to listen, speak up, and most of all, participate. Electronics should not interfere with robotics.
  2. Let people know when you can’t meet your commitments.
    For example, let us know if you’ll have to miss a practice, or if you can’t complete a task when you said you’d have it done.
  3. Maintain good academic standing.
    Ask for help with school work if you need it!
  4. Read team emails
    Team emails contain lots of important information and updates.
  5. Be Safe!
    And help others be safe, especially around our equipment.
  6. Practice gracious professionalism
    Help others. Be respectful. Leave things cleaner than when you found them.