Individual Presenter Bios

Photo of Andrea Steiger

Andrea Steiger – Thursday May 6th, 6:30 PM CDT
I am a Staff Scientist in Chemical Biology at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a Department of Energy-funded lab. I have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from College of Wooster, and both a Master’s degree and a PhD in chemistry from University of Oregon. I was inspired to become a chemical biologist because I love the creative aspect of organic chemistry, yet am driven to solve important biological problems related to human and environmental health. As a chemical biologist, I utilize chemistry as a tool to study biology. In this presentation, I will go over the role that microbiomes play in both the human body and in the environment, and how we can use them as tools to address a wide range of problems, including human diseases and crucial energy issues such as plastics recycling and biofuel production. I will also briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of getting a PhD and give some other advice on undergrad and grad school that you may not hear from teachers and advisers!

Photo of Birchell Eversole

Birchell Eversole – Thursday May 20th, 6:30 PM CDT
I am a Software Engineer and Entrepreneur currently working in the Financial Industry. I work with the Currency Team at Putnam Investments, maintaining and adding features to their trading software. On the side, I’m always working on various projects, like Chrome Extensions, Blockchain Technology and other ideas I find interesting. My passion is for solving big problems, and I love to learn new technologies and frameworks to find solutions. I plan to talk about my personal path to Computer Science, the Computer Science industry as a whole and how it all relates to entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship.

Photo of Kelsey Draus

Kelsey Draus – Thursday June 3rd, 6:30 PM CDT
I am a metallurgical engineer at Materials Engineering Inc. that specializes in materials failure analysis and characterization. I graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelors in materials engineering with an emphasis in ceramics and metals.
Through a curiosity of how things worked down to the molecular level as well as being on a robotics team in high school I was inspired to pursue engineering. I now work on all sorts of projects from various industries helping people and companies solve problems.
In this presentation I will share a little more about what materials engineering is and how it applies to failure analysis, forensics, and characterization. I will also go through what the failure analysis process looks like with some examples, and if there is time give a short tour of MEi showing what kinds of lab equipment is used for this sort of analysis.